What is our Purpose in Life?


The Learning Curve

Most of us are not even sure where we are heading in our lives. In fact, it is a constant struggle for almost each of us trying to figure out “What exactly do I want to do with my life?”

The truth is we all want to do something important in our lives, but then what exactly is that ‘something important’ is a bit hazy for most of us. After thinking through, it all boils down to making the best use of time that we have in our lives.

To help clarify the doubts, there are a few questions we can ask ourselves, which can define the purpose of our lives a bit more clearly.

  1. Can we handle the tough times?

Some of us want to make it big in our lives, but that requires navigating through the tough times, which most of us are uncomfortable with. But then things are not rosy…

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Engulfed in doubt.

Another one for y’all.  I named it “engulfed in doubt ”


Last night I had this feeling of underachievement.  Like I haven’t done anything interesting yet. I’m Eighteen.  I see people of my age draw something, write some really cool poetry, go on adventures, learn their favourite field of study.  Good at sports.  Fashion bloggers. Rich people.  Thus achieving something or the other. 

But what am I doing?  Stuck in a bad college and all I can do is to wish  I pass out of this college asap.

“Just two more years ” they say.
But ain’t I the one who is putting through this crap every single day?

My life is going nowhere.  Just plain nowhere. Just blah. Aimless. 

I really wanted to be a fashion blogger and a stylist. That was my goal.  Reading through all the cool magazines during my early teens have established this serious desire to be a fashion blogger or a stylist.  Not that I want fame. Not that I want money. 

I really want to be a fashion blogger.  Or anything.  But it should be related to fashion.  But situations weren’t favourable. 

Should I strive for what I want or should I be happy with what I have?

Am I having the impulse to be noticed?  Am I comparing myself to others and underestimating myself?  I don’t know. 

“Try try till you succeed “they say. 
“Don’t give up your dreams “they say.

And they also say, “one life,be happy with what you have”,  “embrace life”
And other blah quotes.
Sometimes, we cannot live by the quotes. 

We have to step into each one’s shoes to experience what we are really going through. 

So yeah what I did was i created another instagram account (her_secret _garden)  for the purpose of storing all my writing work. I can’t call them poetry. Just my writings.  I do feel like a wannabe writer sometimes.  I just need some serious inspiration.  If you are

What I beleive is that we cannot ‘generalise‘ things.

Fall,get hurt, experience life. Live

Live your life,
Shivi 😀

My first so called Animation Movie :P ‘Hope’ this 2 minute clip will make your day !

Animate your Life

Hi guys..just pause the scrolling for a min. I want to show you something, infact i want to say something about a 4 letter word !  ” HOPE ” . The word that make your life more meaningful. Like someone said, an athlete cannot run with the money in his pocket, he must run with HOPE in his heart and dreams in his head.. A 5 yr old kid crying for a toy car.. HOPING that his dad will buy it 4 him. A guy looking at his crush.. HOPING that she will look at him and smile. A thief who rob the bank..HOPING that he wont get caught by the police . A poor guy  HOPING… that he will become rich some day and a rich one HOPING.. that he will become richer and yeah the list goes on. I would like to dedicate this so called movie :P…

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Silly life !

Animate your Life

Silly _life VishnuzArt

Doodle # 444

“He is no more“  Nurse told. She screamed while holding her kid. I don’t know who’s she and the one who died, but i felt like going away from that crowd and cry. Meanwhile, my phone beeped. It’s a status update of my friend, he was blessed with a baby girl.
I hit the like button and walked away..
Silly life !

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A screeching halt!


Third collab with the talented person @musingsofalostgirl  ( Mita from Singapore)  ! Very happy to collaborate with you 🙂 sorry for the late post..!
Yes, early child marriage is still a great big practice  in the rural village areas.
Small girls who have big dreams fall prey to early marriage due to the stupid age old customs. If you know that i hate these customs and superstitious beliefs.. In India we can only “hope” that everything would change. Why can’t they educate the rural people ,instill some practical thoughts which would replace their impractical ones? India is known for its diverse culture and age old tradition .. But think of these poor little girls. Their childhood gets robbed away and they have to deal with men and vessels .. Their small frail hands which played with dolls are now washing vessels and sweeping floors .. Again, we can only “hope” that this would change unless otherwise some people take some effort to educate the people and eradicate and provide education to those little girls instead of getting them married to much older men.
Let their hands turn pages of their text books and not wash vessels or do any other household chores.

Happy women’s day!


She cooks,
She works,
She sweeps,
She weeps,
She shops,
She chops.

She’s a mother
She’s a father
She’s a pillar of support
She’s a worker
She’s a multi tasker.

She can hide the pain behind her smile,
And can make sure the day goes right.
She can light up someone’s heart,
And stay there without falling apart.

Yes, we are womanhood! 
Let’s embrace imperfections and lead a perfectly imperfect life!

Who run the world, GIRLS! ✨