An introduction….

A person’s beauty does not lie in their face but resides in her inner soul.
Hello everyone…. I’m shivi.. I love all things that make me smile. I love looovve makeup,fashion,and everything that is girly…. I wish to entertain you all with my posts regarding fashion,makeup and tutorials etc through my blog.
Hope u enjoy reading my blog!!

Till then see you soon beautiful people,


28 thoughts on “An introduction….

    • I’ve just started out… So i don’t know…I’ll be writing on all topics I guess. First I wanted tis blog to be about fashion and dyi’s but i don’t post on those topics. Instead I focus on photography and and some random rants.
      Nope I don’t have a fan page haha. I have an fb account but I’m not using it because of sone reasons. If u want, u can contact me through my email id mentioned above 🙂

  1. I am not a blogger now. I don’t like commenting/reviewing other people and things. What I love, is making things of science, as a science boy.
    I try to say less, and try to do work more.
    While exploring internet after some long time, I met your blog by mistake.
    I liked few posts on this blog, so I left my opinion here.
    Thank you

    : Raghav

  2. Ohkay, no problem for me.
    You are not Mark Zuckerberg.
    Atleast no problem. 🙂
    No need to worry.
    You might be having your college class next day.
    Hakuna matata. 🙂

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