hello beautifuls…here are some summer tips!!

Hey everyone!!
Ohhh!!! Summer has arrived…. This is when one has to take extra care of our skin and hair…. So today I am going to give you all some useful summer tips.. Hope u enjoy…… Voila!

1.To prevent tanning during summer, always wear sun protection lotion atleast half an hour before stepping out.

2.Always wear a hat or a cap to protect your hair. Yes, a hat.

3.Drink lots and lots of water and fruit juices. Yummy!

4.Use an oil-free moisturiser for your face or else your face would end up looking like an oil factory.ouch!

5.Don’t wear too much of makeup. A lightweight oil-free moisturiser with a hint of blush will do.

6.Have lots of cucumbers,watermelons, etc. They have ample amount of vitamins and minerals packed in them.

7.Tie your hair up in a ponytail.This will protect your precious hair from sun damage.

Beauties!!! Hope you find these tips interesting….Do comment below..thank you
Until then be youtiful….


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