Eradicate oily skin…..

Hey ppl!!!! Hope all are in best of their health …..oily skin ???!!!!!truly speaking oily skin can be a challenge as well as embarrassing ….it may arise due to genetic factors,hygiene,poor food habits,usage of underrated cosmetics are some tips for you all…..

1.Use blotting papers in case of emergency.
2.If you are running outta time,take supplements daily.
3.Frequent intake of fresh veggies and fruits also helps.
4.Use cosmetics which are non-comedogenic.
5.Wash your face thrice daily.
6.Always use cold water to wash your face.
7.A quick home remedy-take oats ,grind them to powder and add three drops of lime juice and add water .Apply to wet face and let it sit for 10minutes.use this mask daily.
8.Makeup can be a nightmare for oily skinned people.First prime your skin before applying makeup.Investing for a good quality primer can be useful.
9.Toners are a good tool for oily skin.try them!
10.Always use oil-free cosmetics,and light makeup.

And most importantly, SMILE….It makes your day perfect.

See you…till then be-youtiful


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