Who is my inspiration? My brother.

Hey everyone,
Everyone has a person they can look upto…for me there are so many people in my inspiration list..but recently my brother has taken the first place .let me tell you few things about my brother…
He is three years elder to me..he loves gaming and computer related stuffs…his aim was to become a game designer right from his childhood days.He did not give up his dream.After finishing his schooling here in India,he went to the United Kingdom for his under graduation.Normally in India,people always give first preference to learn engineering related studies…but he was different.He wanted to achieve something in gaming industry..
Initially,opposed by my parent,he convinced them saying the true fact that it is a growing industry and he will definitely get a job and surely shine in the industry…a lot of people who had no idea about the gaming industry,discouraged him saying that he wont be able to achieve anything and that it was a waste of time..but he did not give up.Although he convinced my parent,they were still skeptical about sending him.
Finally,he got the admission and he attended the IELTS examination and got good score…by that time i was still in school studying my tenth grade..i was still a kid.However ,i knew it would be the best for him and would definitely succeed.His results came and he had to go to UK.He had to go.Far,far away from us.Now he is doing his third year internership and no matter what,i know he will shine.
The thing is that in India,students complete a basic degree here and then go abroad to study post graduation course….for example only one out of fifty students will go abroad for a basic degree….my brother was one amongst them.He went there when he was only 17 or 18…and i’m 17 now and i just cant think of me going abroad for studies all alone .Its something surprising for me .i think his courage and constant hard work gave him strength to achieve for what he is now. For someone from India,it is something very strange to learn the course called games design and production.I have always been surprised to see how storng and detemined he was.
But ironically,me and my brother did not have a good bond before.its not that we dont like each other…its just because we love each other to the core but we did not know how to express it..but now that he has grown up,i think the bond has grown with time.Every parent should let their children to achieve what he wants..especially indians. My brother, He is a person who i can always look upto,my bro, my inspiration ,forever 🙂

shivi. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Who is my inspiration? My brother.

  1. Your parents are commendable for whatever they’ve done for your brother by believing in him and his dreams. It just that not everyone is so lucky. And yeah UK is an awesome nation,i guess.

    • yeah, @dreamrunner 09 …thats so true and as u said it is so uncommon in India to see students take up such courses.
      Thanks for reading the post. stay tuned 🙂
      looking forward for more of ur posts as well.

  2. How can I not leave a comment after reading this !!! I wish your brother the very best of luck and I see that he has a great future. I am not telling because I know much about gaming industry (I know its growing) but he could chase his dreams and I can see that he will make it big. Not many get that chance. I hope you follow your brother and take up something that you really want to do in life.:)

    I am also glad that your parents trusted him and were willing to do the big thing of letting him do what he liked…Cheers to them too 🙂

    • Yes anoop! Its a growing industry!
      And in India many ppl think its something not worth pursuing… Im thankful to my parent.
      Yes,I love psychology so i took it as a degree…… Thanks for spending time for reading my post. I really appreciate it 🙂

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