New to makeup? Fret not! here are few makeup must haves for the beginners .

1.Lip balms : This is the basic must have !Keep your lips moisturized throughout the day by using a lip balm 🙂 . Make sure you re-apply every two hours.Lip balms containing jojoba oil or honey’s wax or shea butter can retain moisture for a longer period.Look for lip balms containing sun protection because our lips are ten times thinner and more prone to sun damage.

2.Eye liners : Eye liners come in different forms -liquid,pencil,gel etc.For those with shaky hands ,try pencil eyeliners.For my eyes,i prefer dark brown eye pencil. They give a natural and beautiful look to our already beautiful eyes 😉 .

3.Foundation : Go for mineralized ones.Selecting a foundation can be a nightmare.The best way to figure out the right shade is to apply the foundation swatch on your chin and decide the right color. Do not test it on your wrist.

4.Moisturizer : Moisturize! before you go to bed.look for non-comedogenic ones if you are suffering with oily skin.do not apply too much. Just one dot on ur forehead and one on both your cheeks and one on your chin .Thats it! not more not less.Similar to lip balms , look for ones which are having un protection .

5.Blush : Invest in a good blusher.Select a shade which is as natural as possible .Peachy colours work best on all skin tones.I prefer peachy corals and very very lightest shades of pink. Junk the bright pinks .U dont want to end up like a clown though .

And,thanks for reading. hope the post helped you.do share your thoughts and comment below.thank you.




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