The future.

At times i curl up in my bed and start wondering what future holds for me.At times,people pull and push me. No,It is not about the people who decide to stay or leave.No one has a clue of what the future holds for us.Nothing is under our control.There are times when i question myself if I really deserve to be in this wicked world.Who knows? A person said- Life may surprise you.So its always better to take life as it comes.I deserve happiness.The fear of future always resides in me.I often read quotes saying,don’t fear for the future and live for today.I just can’t do that.Maybe its my mistake and maybe I’m skeptical .The world is running faster.Times flies.Way faster than i think it will.What if the whole world comes to an end? What if I die today? What if I get into a wrong path?What if every one leaves me? What if the every one in this world dies?except me ? i read this quote some where—–the road to success and future is always under construction.

hoping for a safe future.




4 thoughts on “The future.

  1. All this anxiety and anticipation of the future is common and will run in every age..just have faith..whatever happens happens for the best..and work will all be fine!

    • Hi anoop, yeah thats true… We all experience it 🙂 but life is all about thinking positive 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 have a great evening 🙂

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