Being a tall teen .

Hey everyone!
PHEW! being tall is a nightmare.Actually, I am 5’9 .So people in my city look up as if i am a creature from another planet.They find it so tough to digest that im tall…i hate those…but the thing is in Tamil nadu, 95 % of the girls are short ! and i have no idea why i became tall .i like to be tall but not to be a laughing stock for others.Maybe they are jealous.I don’t know.i’m skinny too and that makes it more worse. When people stare at me,i stare back at them and they start to mind their own work! i cant do anything else. i wish to migrate abroad as soon as possible to escape these stares.They really disturb me. some(irritating) questions which they ask me are :

1.THEY: you are sooooo tall!
WAT I WISH TO SAY : .Go away you jealous rat!You know that im tall already!

2.THEY: you’re sooooo thin!
WAT I WISH TO SAY : get a life ..look, i can eat a double cheese burger without being skeptical.

3.THEY: wow! do u play basketball?
WAT I WISH TO SAY :arrghh!

4.KIDS: OMG!? you are tall! almost the height of that tree!
WAT I SAY :okay now .no ! dont try climbing on me ! argh!

so yeah, sometimes people ask me to persue modelling. That’s a good thing actually.But definitely its not my cup of tea….

until my next post ,bye!


10 thoughts on “Being a tall teen .

  1. It is simple gene related logic.surely someone related or from your family had that gets passed on.i am also a tall head sometimes hit in the bars and all but i feel happy when people ask me to put their bags in the carriage box situated at the top.

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