Write to me someday

I totally love this one…..
Beautifully written by khawaja on his blog.

Immature Fruit

If the desire is to fall in love, there is a lot to learn,
This heart, these eyes and soul will have to burn.

What ink writes and words describe can easily be changed,
But what this heart renders and our eyes disclose forever remains.

Will my Beloved ever recite the poems that I write?
Or will this desire of mine just grow again every night.

Saqi, listen to me I have so much to say tonight,
Pour some wine in my glass, and let us take a flight.

Up the mountain of hardships, across the fields of miseries and into the tears of the ocean,
let me help you transform this tavern and the wine you hold into my needed potion.

Saqi! dont you dare say no to me tonight, for you already know I am broken inside,
Let me get lost in my intoxication, for hasn’t there been…

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