A Glimpse Of My School Life …


Here’s an intro of my school……

Sir Robert Stanes was the founder of my school. Robert stanes was just 17 when he came to Conoor,India to start business..when he first built the school and started schooling,there were only two teachers and four students.Then it started growing gradually.Stanes school is one among the top schools in Coimbatore City.It’s is more than 152 years old now :)built by the British legend (as I call him) sir Robert stanes 🙂

And my school life……..

I still remember my kindergarten days when I use to wear pink checked frock type uniform with a handkerchief pinned on my chest…with a boy hair cut and a Bindhi on my forehead with some cute little bangles on my wrist…my mom used to come and feed lunch at the lunch break and stuff me up with curd rice ….

The most memorable days were the days when I reached my high school (11th and 12th grade).Those where the days which taught me what is life…what is real love…how to differentiate love,lust,infatuation and some things like that…I was good at academics although I used to get caught and sometimes il be thrown out of the class for talking continuously with my friends etc.

We have four house groups-the lions,the tigers,the panthers and the wolves …every sports day would be immense pleasure and we eagerly wait for the winning team announcement…I was not an active athlete then.And now,I regret it.If only I had the chance of being in sports,I am sure I would have excelled.But anyways,I am proud of my friends who did.

There are notable alumni of our school .
1.NIRUPAMA RAO-foreign secretary of India
2.NARAIN KARTHIKEYAN-first indian F1 racer and NASCAR race driver.
3.ADAM SINCLAIR – Indian field hockey player.

Yes,I miss my school days. Once a stanite,always a stanite 🙂

And,do you have any memories of your school? Do share them by commenting below .I would love to hear them 🙂

Until next time,
Shivi 🙂


11 thoughts on “A Glimpse Of My School Life …

  1. Haha. Why do you call that place Coimbatore. Oh my lord. That’s far from Coimbatore. That is The Nilgiris and I used to live there. I have friends who studied in Stanes and St. Josephs. I have great memories of the place. And yes, I am visiting the place before the end of this year. Glad to know that you are also from the hills 😛

    Cheers Shivani. I feel a lot closer to you, you know like the one living in neighborhood.

    PS :
    Check out my blog. I have nominated you in one of my posts.

    • Hey anoop!
      Actually there are two stanes schools built by same sir Robert stanes…one in conoor and one in coimbatore 🙂
      And I live in coimbatore and I.have attended school here only…not conoor 🙂
      And yeah good to know that you are from ooty! Wow!

      And thank u sooo much for reading and commenting 🙂
      Yes I wil surely chk out ur blog 🙂

  2. since i have to go back some years my memory is little vague.yes i remember the jesus youth(prayer group),cricket with our chappels(bat) and rubber band wrapped paper ball,and if you ask me what i cherished most the school van and the rain falling outside 🙂

  3. I remember the morning assemble … The dance group in which I was part of… I miss the debates we had with other classes… A particular biscuit my mum always put in my lunch box… So much memories 🙂

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