10 thoughts on “flowers!

  1. puthiya college puthiya friends blog friends marantiruppannu ninache.thank you.your flowers are tamil is bad right?

  2. busy studying?so no new posts?why the name kitty5ninja?ninja means warrior right?you or somebody from your family knows martial arts 😛 kitty is that your name?are your siblings also tall?

    • Haha yes I do have some assignments and stuff…it’s just a random name 🙂 I didn’t know it would become my blog name…so i thought its okay.. Kitty is my cat I call him kitty only 😛 and I call him ninja too sometimes… So it’s just out of randomness. 🙂
      Yep I have a brother and he is tall too 🙂

      • Hey long time no new posts college life eppady?partying or studying 😛 study well and when you get time write something here ok?.doesn’t have to be big things.just keep it simple god bless 🙂

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