Soooo I just turned eighteen last Sunday. No more  childish tantrums.  I’m gonna behave like just another boring adult.  But I feel old.  Turning 18 has its own perks but still one among the cons are people expect us to be more responsible! 

                  They say one is mentally mature when thet attain 18. However I am still the same confused soul.

                   How did my 18th birthday go? How ahead and see the pictures.  I got loads of texts and phonecalls from my friends at 12.

Then, I woke up to this! 



And Oh, the cake.



The cake was chocolate truffle and it was too sweet for me.But I enjoyed it. Yum!

And the gifts.  Eighteen gifts.  Ranging from Davidoff perfume, Armani watch to my favourite biscuits ( yeah, dark fantasy and 50-50 it is),sarees , money, and the crystal eiffel tower 🗼 😀 … It was raining gifts then.
Take a look!


And those white roses . 18 white roses made my day …



On the Whole ,it was one awesome day!
Did y’all like it?
Remember when y’all attained 18?
What did y’all have in mind? How has life changed?
I Would love to hear what y’all have to say!!

Much love,
Shivi ☺



11 thoughts on “THUS, I’M EIGHTEEN!

  1. Hey Shivani,

    Happy Birthday.
    I remember I was excited for 18 because I could apply for a license and drive around. Got my license bang on right when I was 18 and started driving like I have never seen motorcycle before.

    That said, I remember that like most of my birthdays 18th was also not celebrated much. That’s tons of gifts 😉

    Anyways, wishing you happy times ahead. Cheers!

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