A letter to…….

       In life, some situations are opportunities 🙂 Okay,in this letter, I chose to write my heart out for my future guy.

                  My heart was empty.And you came,and filled it with your charming smile and kindness.You are the reason behind my smile,the reason behind my happiness, reason why I don’t cry myself to sleep. You give the confidence to face the harsh realities in life.
                   You showed me what life means. I am no more that little girl. Your charming character and your caring heart feeds my mind and Soul. We may fight over silly things but boy, remember I am always there for you.Words will not suffice if I have to say how happy I am now.
                I love you.I love you more than those bitches before.Just,remember I will wait till the end of time. Even if it takes an eternity, I will.Because u made me smile,u made me feel your love.U never said that u loved me. Instead u made me feel that u do.That feeling. 
                   Phew! Life is all about struggles.It’s all about accepting the harsh realities but I am sure it will turn out beautiful with your presence. And it will be the same because I will be by your side. Always.
                   The people in the world will pull you down and bring you to your knees. I will catch you.People say things that will make you feel dejected. Remember, I will be by your side. Always.Again,I’m no more a normal girl,but your princess.

                                           Yours lovingly, 
                                             Shivi 😀

P.S. This is an imaginary letter.

Much love,
Shivi 😀


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