A screeching halt!


Third collab with the talented person @musingsofalostgirl  ( Mita from Singapore)  ! Very happy to collaborate with you πŸ™‚ sorry for the late post..!
Yes, early child marriage is still a great big practice  in the rural village areas.
Small girls who have big dreams fall prey to early marriage due to the stupid age old customs. If you know that i hate these customs and superstitious beliefs.. In India we can only “hope” that everything would change. Why can’t they educate the rural people ,instill some practical thoughts which would replace their impractical ones? India is known for its diverse culture and age old tradition .. But think of these poor little girls. Their childhood gets robbed away and they have to deal with men and vessels .. Their small frail hands which played with dolls are now washing vessels and sweeping floors .. Again, we can only “hope” that this would change unless otherwise some people take some effort to educate the people and eradicate and provide education to those little girls instead of getting them married to much older men.
Let their hands turn pages of their text books and not wash vessels or do any other household chores.


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