Engulfed in doubt.

Another one for y’all.  I named it “engulfed in doubt ”


Last night I had this feeling of underachievement.  Like I haven’t done anything interesting yet. I’m Eighteen.  I see people of my age draw something, write some really cool poetry, go on adventures, learn their favourite field of study.  Good at sports.  Fashion bloggers. Rich people.  Thus achieving something or the other. 

But what am I doing?  Stuck in a bad college and all I can do is to wish  I pass out of this college asap.

“Just two more years ” they say.
But ain’t I the one who is putting through this crap every single day?

My life is going nowhere.  Just plain nowhere. Just blah. Aimless. 

I really wanted to be a fashion blogger and a stylist. That was my goal.  Reading through all the cool magazines during my early teens have established this serious desire to be a fashion blogger or a stylist.  Not that I want fame. Not that I want money. 

I really want to be a fashion blogger.  Or anything.  But it should be related to fashion.  But situations weren’t favourable. 

Should I strive for what I want or should I be happy with what I have?

Am I having the impulse to be noticed?  Am I comparing myself to others and underestimating myself?  I don’t know. 

“Try try till you succeed “they say. 
“Don’t give up your dreams “they say.

And they also say, “one life,be happy with what you have”,  “embrace life”
And other blah quotes.
Sometimes, we cannot live by the quotes. 

We have to step into each one’s shoes to experience what we are really going through. 

So yeah what I did was i created another instagram account (her_secret _garden)  for the purpose of storing all my writing work. I can’t call them poetry. Just my writings.  I do feel like a wannabe writer sometimes.  I just need some serious inspiration.  If you are

What I beleive is that we cannot ‘generalise‘ things.

Fall,get hurt, experience life. Live

Live your life,
Shivi 😀


7 thoughts on “Engulfed in doubt.

  1. I know about the feeling you mentioned because I had felt it too.
    Emptiness, Aimless, Blankness. Life comes to a standstill.
    But I got out of it, YOU’LL TOO.
    You only can get yourself out. 🙂

  2. Your last line is the essence of life – “Fall,get hurt, experience life. Live”!
    Nice article I am inspired – wish you well. Cheers 🙂

  3. I’ve learnt that everyone gets those feelings sometimes but, we shouldn’t let them overcome us. Good luck on everything. No matter what, you’re blessed. 🙂

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